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Johanna H Studios Photography The Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia

Wedding Photographer

Jo is a destination wedding photographer delivering a body of breathtaking remote, rugged, scenic winning weddings shots.

Previously a preferred supplier to Daydream Island in the Whitsundays, it doesn’t matter if you are planning an elaborate or a small wedding, I make it my mission to mentor you through the various difficulties to ease the stress, so you can focus on getting on with the personal details of your wedding.

My service focuses on excellence in client service; one of kind hero shots and a documentary style. 

Fraser Island “Lake MacKenzie” Queensland, Australia.
All images are subject to copyright law @Johanna H Studios.
Couple Photography

We’re Engaged! Pop The Question Over The Heart Reef,…

We’re Engaged


What Better Place To Say I Do.

Read About Mike & Chelsea’s Perfect Day Flying Over The Heart Reef And Playing On Whitehaven Beach On Your Own Private Tour With Your Own Private Photographer, Jo Wilson.


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Couple Photography

Hardy Reef & Pontoon, The Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays…

Hardy Reef & Pontoon

Hardy Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef is unparalleled for snorkeling.

Hardy Reef is the location for the Reefworld Pontoon.  The Reef is home to thousands of spectacular reef fish including coral trout, trevally, snapper and smaller tropical species.

Reefworld Pontoon is a permanent structure that has been operating for around twenty years.

Experience Hardy Reef Pontoon if you want to see such marine species such as turtles, reef sharks, giant Maori Wrasse and the infamous George The Grouper (and other two metre long Giant Queensland Gropers) who hang around the Pontoon.

Viewing Hardy Reef from the air by seaplane or helicopter, including world-famous Heart Reef is a must do.

The aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef and natural heart-shaped formation is a bucket list experience for the travelers to The Whitsundays.

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Hamilton Island Family Photography

Hamilton Island Family Photography


This was a beautiful family from Dubai that I had the pleasure of documenting moments’ for while they were in Australia on holidays at Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Island Family Photography by please send an inquiry if you would like your family photographs taken while you are on holiday at Hamilton Island.

Couple Photography

Say I Do In The Whitsundays A Helicopter Flight…

Couple: Chelse And Mike

Helicopter: HeliReef 

Pilot: Dan

Photographer: Johanna H Studios

The best place to pop the question is Australia’s Own Heart Reef.

This is Chelsea & Mike’s story.

A couple of accountants from Brisbane were holidaying on a charter yacht.

After anchoring their yacht, the helicopter descended onto sandy shores to collect them for this once in a lifetime trip.  A rock arrival and set the tone for the day.

We flew over the sweeping Islands for a beach landing on Whitehaven Beach.

Champagne Flowed.

Dining on the best local seafood, a romantic picnic on the beach in the winter sun was the order of the day.

After swimming and an amazing photoshoot with the helicopter on the beach, we departed Whitehaven Beach and flew to the One And Only Heart Reef.

Heart Reef is a stunning composition of coral in the Great Barrier Reef, naturally formed in the shape of a heart.

Heart Reef, The Whitsundays forms part of the Great Barrier Reef.  Spectacular views along the way, we orbit the heart reef.  This is a bucket list item. Heart Reef Sparkles showing off to the world.  We are fortunate to have this living treasure right here in Australia.

The return journey via the Island’s vast treasures only the Whitsundays can offer from above.

Another exciting beach landing happens, the couple are onboard their yacht, and as legend would rightly have it, they sailed happily off into the sunset.

The Memories Last A Lifetime.  The Photographs Ensure It Is Etched In Their Minds.

The Whitsundays is in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and you can be Engaged or Married on this Unique Living Structure.

The Great Barrier Reef Australia is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

The Whitsunday Islands host around 800 weddings each year across the islands and mainland enjoying the gorgeous weather (23 to 26 degrees in winter and a balmy but blissful 27 to 30 in the summer months), clear protected azure waters, pristine sandy beaches and fabulous facilities for every conceivable wedding style.







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